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Donut Safeland Ltd
Safeland is manufactured by Donut Safeland Ltd, which is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Personal Control Descent Devices for high-rise buildings. UK based, the company has a worldwide network of approved distributors.

Safeland - the Personal Control Descent Device
for escaping from high-rise buildings
  •  Your Safety

    Have you ever thought how you, your family or colleagues might escape from a high-rise building in the event of an emergency situation where the stairwell and lifts were out of operation?

    The fact is that in these situations the emergency services face severe difficulties in rescuing people from heights of 10 storeys or more.

    However, now there is a system available, which when used properly can provide a safe and easy method of escape in these harrowing situations - the Safeland Personal Control Descent Device (Safeland).
  •  Your Employees Safety

    Management and Commercial Companies
    With all the uncertainty in the modern world, isn't it time that you gave some serious thought to what can be done to save life in an emergency situation? Safeland helps your Organisation meet it's duty of care in relation to your employees in an Emergency Situation.

    Safeland provides your employees with the confidence that they have the ability to escape in extreme emergency when all other means of escape have failed.

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Descent Device